Voluntary Carbon Markets Global Dialogue

Responsible use of carbon credits: how project developers can mobilise buyers

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The Voluntary Carbon Markets Global Dialogue kicks off a 4-week consultation period for the recently published draft due diligence guidance on the: Responsible use of carbon credits – Guidance for mobilising and vetting buyers.
The Global Dialogue seeks to establish and share good due diligence practices that can be undertaken by project developers to promote and assess responsible use of carbon credits by buyers.
We invite all carbon project developers and other interested parties to learn more by attending the Global Launch Webinar as well as one of the upcoming regional online consultations sessions:

  • Global Launch Webinar: 30 January 14:00-15:00 CET. View recording and slides here.


  • Africa online consultation: English speaking session, 20 February 11am (UTC+2). Register here. French speaking session, 26 February 11am (UTC+1). Register here.
  • Latin America online consultations in Spanish, 22 February 2pm (UTC-5) or 29 February 2pm (UTC-5). Register here.
  • Asia Pacific online consultations in English, 19 February 3pm (UTC+7) or 21 February 3pm (UTC+7). Register here.

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Draft guidance: Responsible use of carbon credits: how project developers can mobilise buyers

The VCM Global Dialogue Platform is launching a four-week public consultation on the draft due diligence guidance ‘Responsible use of NBS carbon credits: How project developers can mobilise buyers’.

What is this guidance about?

This draft guidance offers a set of criteria that underpins responsible use of carbon credits. Responsible use of carbon credits means investing in carbon projects as a part of a credible and ambitious decarbonization strategy. The proposed criteria pay particular attention to Nature-based Solutions (NbS) credits.

By providing due diligence steps and strategies, this guidance aims to minimize misuse of (NbS) carbon credits, such as buying credits for greenwashing purposes. Such misuse often results in detrimental backlash to (NbS-) carbon projects and jeopardizes the future of carbon markets.

Who is this guidance for?

This draft due diligence guidance provides insights to all types of developers of (NbS-) carbon credit projects and for resellers of (NbS-) carbon credits. There is a wide diversity among carbon project developers: operating globally or locally, for profit and/or for impact, run by communities, governments, foundations or by shareholders. Different types of project developers may employ different approaches to developing projects and selling carbon credits. This draft guidance aims to empower each of them.

Using this guidance enables project developers and re-sellers to make informed choices on whom they sell credits to. Additionally, this guidance aims to empower project developers and re-sellers to stimulate carbon credit buyers to use carbon credits responsibly in corporate climate strategies.

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