Voluntary Carbon Markets Global Dialogue

Responsible Use of Carbon Credits: Guidance for Mobilising and Vetting Buyers

How can carbon credit project developers safeguard the integrity of voluntary carbon markets against buyer misuse?

Addressing this critical question, the VCM Global Dialogue, in collaboration with Wetlands International, is proud to release the new guidelines:

Responsible Use of Carbon Credits: Guidance for Mobilising and Vetting Buyers

These guidelines were developed and streamlined in collaboration with experts and supply-side stakeholders, consulted during our six regional consultations. They aim to enhance the voluntary carbon market’s role in climate action and channel finance into impactful projects.


What is guidance about?

The guidance outlines the components that underpin responsible use of carbon credits. For instance, by investing in carbon projects as a part of a credible and ambitious decarbonisation strategy.

Buying carbon credits for greenwashing purposes often results in detrimental backlash to carbon projects and jeopardises the future of carbon markets. The guidance aims to minimise this misuse of carbon credits, by providing due diligence steps and strategies.


Who is this guidance for?

The guidance provides insights to all types of developers of carbon credit projects and for resellers of carbon credits, paying particular attention to Nature-based Solutions credits.

There is a wide diversity among carbon project developers: operating globally or locally, for profit and/or for impact, run by communities, governments, foundations or by shareholders. Different types of project developers may employ different approaches to developing projects and selling carbon credits. This draft guidance aims to empower each of them.

Using this guidance enables project developers and re-sellers to engage meaningfully with buyers and thereby make informed choices on whom they sell credits to and on what basis and level of agreement to do so.

Additionally, this guidance aims to empower project developers and re-sellers to stimulate carbon credit buyers to use carbon credits responsibly in corporate climate strategies, where buyers themselves are coming to terms with how to engage in the VCM.

Download the Guidelines here


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