Voluntary Carbon Markets Global Dialogue

Making voluntary carbon markets drive development

The Voluntary Carbon Markets Global Dialogue (VCM-GD) aims to bring the voices of developing countries to the center of discussions about the future of voluntary carbon markets.

Between June and October 2021, the Voluntary Carbon Markets (VCM) Global Dialogue undertook a comprehensive and extensive stakeholder consultation process about moving the supply-side of the voluntary carbon market into the center of discussion about how these markets can be best designed and deployed. The final report contains a six-point action agenda that will provide a robust platform for future work.

Six-Point Action Agenda

  • Governments can use the VCM to tap into additional mitigation potentials;
  • Governments, companies, and GHG crediting programs should promote clear and transparent VCM accounting;
  • Carbon credit buyers and investors should prioritize transformational VCM investments with broader development benefits and verified SDG contributions;
  • The VCM can empower and strengthen the rights of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities;
  • Governments and private partners should cooperate in developing VCM transactions at sectoral and jurisdictional scales;
  • Governments, companies, and carbon market facilitators should initiate regional and national VCM dialogues.

Position Papers

The Action Agenda resulted from a thorough stakeholder consultation process during which five position papers were published:

Implementation Team